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I used pawz a ribbon for 3 times in the past 3 years for personalized cupcake picture topper.The orders received were great so there was no need to call or do anything.

My latest order was in March2014. I placed the same order as before but icing toppings arrived mostly stuck to each other and they tasted completely off( bitter). The reason they were stuck to each other is because it was the first time they were sent all on one sheet as opposed to individually seperated by small plastic squares. To add to all that I took the cutting service which was terrible.

As soon as I received them, I sent an email saying that half of the icing toppers cannot be used as they are stuck together. I didn't hear anything back. 4 emails later as several attempts at calling the number that I found online and leaving a voicemail and still nothing. I can not believe anyone can own a business and act as such.

I was ripped off because I had to throw all the toppers away as I was scared they might cause stomach pains to kids and I lost the £14.33. To this day, I still haven't heard a thing.

I will call her one last time and leave a message that I am going to report her to consumer agency.Do not use.

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When I read in a previous complaint that the link to the complaint was sent to pawz and ribbon, I did the same and was ready to go to each an every website to get my refund.It had nothing to do with money, just the principle.

After the email was sent, barely 30 minutes later, I received a reply that Carol will issue me with a refund and a gift receipt of £20.

After sending 4 messages and several calls and voicemails with no reply, it took only one message, with a link to a complaint and another link with my rights in regards to online shopping, to receive an instant reply.I am happy with the refund but I won't use the gift receipt.

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